Friday, October 30, 2009

I love Halloween

I just found a great spooky soup on the Design Mom's blog I have listed. Last week I gave my friends eyes to eat. They were mini Caprese salads in little cups. They were a big hit. The soup is the next step. There are so many fun things to serve up on this fun night.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tips for going green at home

I like to think of myself as a person who can save a little piece of the world each day and give a little back to life each day. I get a great feeling about life each time I volunteer for something or teach a child about the importance of recycling and volunteering. Too many people say they are too busy to volunteer for anything and their kids learn from their examples but there are so many programs that wouldn't exist if they didn't have people donating their time, talent and money.

I don't have any extra change to give away at this time but I do give of my time and talents to several groups and I like to think I make a difference. I have also organized school programs to help kids learn to give their time and talent to things in their own communities. I even serve on a board for a major food pantry.

I do several things at home to save money, help our planet, and to be creative which is the base of my talents. I recycle bottles and cans from my household and my neighbors house. I do my own repairs around the house from plumbing to carpentry and other handyman tasks and I always offer to help my elderly neighbors fix things in their homes. I rebuilt two window frames last year instead of replacing them which saved me about $1500.00 and it also meant I didn't have to throw away the parts that could be saved.

My latest discovery was to use a steam cleaner to clean my kitchen and bathroom and give up all of the harsh chemicals cleaners I used to use. I have a cousin who had some health issues with some products using one of these and having a housekeeper cleaning just about everything with water only. It was amazing how it cleaned in tough spots like the edge around her cook top burners and the grout in her tile counter top. I was hooked right away.

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