Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Fun

It's time to get haunting again! I have costume tips and scary food to share. Can't decide what to be this year? Look in your closet and see what's on hand first. I'm sure you have some odd hats or capes. Work around things you all ready have. Consider what's in the news lately or who is in the news, what movies are current, what's on TV, etc. Now imagine yourself imitating someone or something like an iron chef or the people you see in commercials for cereals or insurance or maybe a forensics investigator. With a little makeup and some odd clothing combinations and accessories your there.
I remember when my daughter was little she wanted to be a princess or a bride.I took a trip to the local thrift shop and found an old lacy wedding gown for $10 and a few brides maid dresses for $5 each. With a little snip here and a stitch there she was a beautiful bride, Bell or Cinderella. Those dresses lasted for 3 years and her friends always came here to play dress up. I even supplied her preschool with a trunk full of dress up clothes and accessories.
For my son an old wool blazer was easy to turn into a pirate captain by cuffing the sleeves or a military officer with the collar turned up and Velcro to add ribbons and applets.

It is also fun to create creepy food that is really healthy for kids to snack on so they won't just go for the candy. A plastic skull covered in ham and a plate of eyeballs (mini mozzarella balls, sliced cherry tomatoes, Sliced olives with pimentos, a little fresh basil and a bit of olive oil). They look great and taste good too. There are thousands of great ideas on the internet to spook up a Halloween gathering.

 See my favorite recipes page to inspire you with a rich creamy tomato soup to float your eyeballs in!

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