Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get Your Business On Line

In today's economy internet sales are booming. I am convinced that putting your own business on line can really boost sales or interest in it. Why not Create and Manage your own website! You can promote your business and link it to a Twitter account or Facebook and reach out to more people who are looking for businesses like yours.
We live in a vastly changing world that has embraced new technologies and made them accessible to everyone. Every where I go I see people with new phones that give them access to their email, play music, read books, find directions and even browse the internet. Our phones are not just for calling family and friends anymore. There are so many ways to stay connected.
Think about how you used to take pictures of important events or fun trips. You carried a big camera in a case, you snapped shots on film and then sent that film to be developed and printed. You probably waited a week to get it back and hoped everything came out. I know! I used to be a professional medical photographer. I will never forget the time I shot a roll of slides of a surgical procedure around Christmas time and sent the film to Kodak to process. When I picked up my slides at the photo shop to take back to the doctor who did the surgery I found the slides were of someones very beautiful Holiday party and several adorable children seeing Santa. All I could think of was what would the person who got my film would think and how freaked out they would be. I never did find out what happened to our film and the doctor was quite concerned. Now most people just pull out their phone and snap a digital shot that they can open on their computer or send to a friend right from their text messaging service.
Everything is close to instant. We share pictures and ideas with friends and family all the time. I like sharing my love of cooking and being creative with anyone who is interested. That is why I stared this blog. I feel like there is no point in being clever or creative if no one knows what you do or think of. When you share ideas and tell others how to do the same thing it can make our world a better place. It even may spark the imagination of someone else to make improvements on your idea. This is called progress! I choose to embrace it! Look around yourself and think about the things you enjoy the most. Ask yourself what you are most passionate about and where do you look when you want to know more about things you love. I for one have a passion about food and helping other people around me. I volunteer helping feed the hungry in my community, I look for ways to get kids to eat better by creating fun and healthy recipes, and I like to find ways to inspire other in the kitchen and teach them how simple and fun cooking can be. I even like to wow my friends with great food that catches your eyes before you even taste it. I run a small catering business and offer cooking lessons. I am trying to create my own website for my catering called Serve Yourself Right. Recently I found a free trial called Andy's Web Tools. Check it out at http://cli.gs/HMZWRZ

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