Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Life's View Somedays!

"Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy... WHAT!!... hi!
 This picture says a lot to me. It is how my kids persist when they want my attention! It's how I must look when I am chasing raccoons away from the food I leave out for a few feral cats I feed outside or scaring squirrels out of my tomato plants. It's even the ring tone I use for my Mom so I know when she calls. There are so many little things I do to keep my days brighter and laughing must be a part of every day. I truely believe that humor is an important part of life and good health.
I came across this cartoon on my daughter's Facebook page and all I could think about was what a wonderful scenes of humor she has developed. I also see that developing in my son. I just had a great call from him and we were talking about cute and funny things that both of my kids did or said when they were little. I loved looking back at so many happy things that came to us in our conversation. It was the way they expressed themselves when they were small and it all fit into who they are now. I suppose they wouldn't want the world to know all of those things but some of them were very precious like my daughter at 2 or 3 asking if she could have a hingabanger and trench tries from McDonald's or wanting to watch "Snow White and the 7 Dorfs" for the 20th time. It made my son laugh and brought a big smile to me and a warm feeling about our closeness at that moment. Finding new ways to improve our connections to our kids is so important as they become teens and then adults. It is so enlightening when you stumble onto new ways to understand them and I think they must feel good when they know you are listening to their thoughts and ideas.
It all comes back to finding common ground and parenting teens in new ways. 
I would like to recommend a great book on communicating with teens. Parenting Teens With Love; Logic by Foster Cline MD & Jim Fay. This is a must read book. It guides you how to ask the right questions to get your children thinking and working out things for themselves. After all we all need to let them grow up and be independent. I have put a link to this book from Amazon and it is so worth reading.

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